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The Enchanted Dolls' House Wedding


The Enchanted Dolls' House Wedding

Albert and Lucinda from the beloved The Enchanted Dolls' House have pled their troth (Victorian for "got engaged!"). It is a happy time for everyone in the Enchanted Dolls' House. All the dollsfrom the servant dolls to the toy dolls, even the resident dog and cat dollsenthusiastically join together to celebrate a joyous wedding with all the fashionable and tasteful accoutrement of the Edwardian, Regency and Victorian eras available to them.

Four masterfully conceived and constructed pop-up buldings amaze with historical accuracy and bustle with activity: Shop for wedding finery in an Edwardian department store. See the toiletries, accessories, hair styles, and beautiful wedding clothes from which the dolls choose. Attend a wedding breakfast, complete with musicians, favors, and a glorious cake garnished with marzipan pearls, pendants and bows. Peek through windows and doors of a Victorian Manor Dolls' House and a Regency Dolls' House to see the dolls observe their elegant way of life. And finally, attend a breathtakingly beautiful wedding in a Victorian Chapel.

Overflowing with doll lore and loving rendered details of wedding gifts, food, and flowers, readers of all ages will attend the wedding of their dreams!


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10 x 12 in; 32 pp;
4 pop-up interiors, ages 5 and up
August 2007
ISBN 9781593541972
ISBN10 159354197X
Robyn Johnson has been a senior art director on several high-profile fashion accounts, which served as terrific background in the writing and illustrating of The Enchanted Dolls' House and The Enchanted Dolls' House Wedding. Her two daughters, Holly and Darcy, also contributed feedback to the two books. Robyn and her daughters live in Melbourne, Australia.