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Moleskine® Wiel Arets

Moleskine® Wiel Arets

By Moleskine


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and Process
in Architecture
is a series of monographs on key figures in modern
and contemporary architecture. It offers a reading of
the practice of design which emphasises the value of
freehand drawing as part of the creative process.
Each volume provides a different perspective,
revealing secrets and insights and showing the
various observation techniques and languages,
characters, forms and means of communication.

The edition contains a
144-page book, printed
on ivory colored paper.
The book is cloth-bound,
mounted with raw cardboard
and colored spine +
elastic band.

Exacting, oversized perspective views are alternated with schematic diagrams, fi xing nascent ideas onto paper.
These materials reveal an attitude and approach to design which are more concerned with content than with form.

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Pages: 144 pages pp;
Publication: November 2012
ISBN: 9788866134701
ISBN10: 8866134708