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Advertising for People Who Don’t Like Advertising – Paperback

Advertising for People Who Don’t Like Advertising – Paperback

Laurence King

By KesselsKramer


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This is a book by a company that dislikes advertising
as much as anyone. Nevertheless, it makes adverts.
It has worked with global brands to produce fashion
collections and promoted a town with a mass
wedding. It creates advertising with more human,
truthful communications. The company’s name is
This book describes how to make something you
like out of something you don’t. As well as drawing
on its own experiences, KesselsKramer listens and
learns from those who doubt the advertising industry.
Stefan Sagmeister explains how quitting work makes
you better at working; Hans Aarsman discusses
authenticity in image-making; and Alex Bogusky looks
at ways to help capitalism grow up.
Advertising for People Who Don’t Like Advertising
is partly a creative handbook and partly an attempt
to make the world a very slightly better place. It’s
intended for anyone who has ever hated a web banner
or zapped an ad break.

• Thought-provoking book about the advertising industry, put
together by one of the most creative – and unconventional –

• Examines topics of key interest to advertising professionals,
creatives, and students, as well as a general market interested
in advertising

• Includes contributions from well-known figures including
Stefan Sagmeister, Steve Henry, and Alex Bogusky

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Size: 9 1/2 x 6 3/4 in;
Pages: 240 pp;
100 color illustrations
Format: Paperback
Publication: July 2013
ISBN: 9781780673202
ISBN10: 1780673205
KesselsKramer is an international communications agency based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It has been responsible for creating a range of very diverse work in a variety of media. Campaigns include highly creative work for Nike, Audi, Levi’s, J&B, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Diesel, and Unilever. As well as advertising, KesselsKramer develops projects for its own imprint, KesselsKramer Publishing, and in 2008 set up London’s KK Outlet which combines a communications agency, gallery space, and shop.

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