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Art by Tattooists

Art by Tattooists

Beyond Flash Mini Edition

By Jo Waterhouse


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The book features 26 international artists who use
a variety of media, from ink, watercolor, acrylic paint,
and oil to lino printing, painting on wood and board,
and even examples of tattoo-style skateboard graphics.
Many of the artists are heavily infl uenced by the imagery
they use as tattooists—roses, hearts, skulls, scrolls, birds,
pin-ups, etc.—and carry this into their personal work.
Other work features colors, themes, or subject matter
that is more subtly related to tattooing.

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Size: 6 1⁄2 × 6 1⁄2 in;
Pages: 128 pp;
200 color illustrations
Format: Paperback
Publication: July 2012
ISBN: 9781780670188
ISBN10: 1780670184
Jo Waterhouse is a freelance writer interested in many areas of art, including lowbrow, street, skateboarding, and tattoo art. She is the author of Concrete to Canvas: Skateboarders’ Art (2005), Concrete 2 Canvas: More Skateboarders’ Art (2007), Art by Tattooists: Beyond Flash (2009), and Indie Craft (2010).