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Baby Art Gallery

Baby Art Gallery

Turn Your Baby into an Art Critic

Laurence King Publishing

Illustrated by Damien Poulain


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It's never too early to look and learn together! As soon as they are born, babies are learning to focus on high-contrast images. Stimulate and entertain your little genius with these striking black-and-white art cards, inspired by the world's greatest artists.

For the cot, changing mat, and on the move... Your little one will be entranced by their first art experience.  

Includes 8 double-sided art cards, printed on sturdy board, with rounded corners for safety.

Note for Parents: These cards cannot guarantee your child will grow up to be a creative genius.

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Pages: 8 pp;
Format: Games
Publication: October 2018
ISBN: 9781786272881
Damien Poulain is a graphic designer and illustrator working across a wide range of fields, with a specific focus on art, fashion and music. He also publishes photography books under the name oodee.