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Bee - Paperback

Bee - Paperback

Princeton Architectural Press

By Rose-Lynn Fisher


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Of the ten million or so different species of insects on our planet, none is more fascinating than the honeybee.
Magnified hundreds to thousands of times with a high resolution scanning electron microscope, honeybees
become architectural masterpieces—an elegant fusion of form and function. Now available in paperback,
Bee presents sixty astonishing photographs of honeybee anatomy in magnifications ranging from 10x to 5000x.
Rendered in stunning detail, these photographs uncover the strange beauty of the honeybee’s pattern, form, and
structure. Comprising 6,900 hexagonal lenses, their eyes resemble the structure of a honeycomb. The bee’s
six-legged exoskeleton is fuzzy with hairs that build up a static charge as it flies in order to electrically attract
pollen. Wings clasp together with tiny hooks, and a double-edged stinger resembles a serrated hypodermic
needle. These visual discoveries, made otherworldly through photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher’s lens, expand
the boundaries of our thinking about the natural world and stimulate our imaginations.

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Format: Paperback
Publication: March 2012
ISBN: 9781616890766
ISBN10: 1616890762