Dr. Oz, In the Flesh

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dr. Mehmet Oz up close and in-the-flesh backstage at salonlife07, a recent event where we were both featured speakers. Over 700 participants converged on the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas to hear beauty and wellness professionals (among others) share inspiring presentations on developing health, wealth, and balance in one’s life. I was honored to be asked back for the second year in a row. (I spoke in the health/wellness track at salonlife’s 06 event with Bob Greene, Oprah’s fitness guru. Other speakers past and present included Mick Fleetwood, Suze Orman, Amanda Gore, and David Bach.)

There were reporters and photogs in the Green Room awaiting Dr. Oz’s arrival. Definite anticipation. I was there enjoying the scenery and chilling out before one of my on-stage presentations. I hosted several bite-sized sessions on topics such as Healthy Breath, Yoga, and Ergonomics over the course of the two day event. For my Self Massage segment the entire audience was provided with lovely organic aromatherapy lotion by my friends (thanks Max!) at the Chopra Center for Well-Being. We also had an eating meditation segment with the nutricious, delicious Coco-Cassava health bars created by my personal physician, Dr. Joseph Mercola. Best of all: an ecstatic dance segment–you’ll have to picture for yourself 700 people connecting to their inner dancer/spirit against a background of evocative, driving music.

Now back to Dr. Oz. He truly is loved by the masses. And of course Oprah’s love of all things Dr. Oz couldn’t hurt either! Through his series of books he is certainly changing how people see their health and the importance of self care. I must say that Dr. Oz is quite striking in person (A cutie-pie! Downright sexy, I’d say!). We usually see him on Oprah wearing his blue scrubs–but he came in with a dark blue suit, red tie, and wavy, somethat longish hair. He had an interview in the green room, and then a series of press photos were taken, including one with yours truly, since we were speaking in the same program.

As we went on set, I shared with Dr. Oz that I had already done a healing breathwork, and yoga session with the audience that morning…and his eyes lit-up. For those who have heard him speak before, you know that he is a huge proponent of mind/body healing practices, including meditation and yoga. He was happy to hear of the audiences’ exposure to yoga…and went on to share with me how his wife had just recently given him a birthday gift of a full day meditation/yoga retreat day with a group of friends and well-known, highly regarded yogi Steven Ross. It was so obvious by the way in which he described this experience–“a full day of meditation, yoga, and chanting” that this was an absolutely memorable and joyful experience for him. In any case, we shortly separated as production assistants came for him to bring him back-stage in preparation for his on-stage presentation.

Dr. Oz’s presentation wowed the crowd. He showed an amazing in-motion audio visual presentation on five large jumbo-tron screens that showed what goes on inside the body and out for a wide variety of health experiences. His memorable and awe-inspiring message is that we’re in control of our health. No one in that audience will think the same way about the importance of self-care and preventative health measures. Bravo to Dr. Oz! He certainly must be one of the busiest physicians and individuals on the planet. A full medical practice (over 300 cardiac procedures a year), a full calendar of speaking engagements, a loving wife, and four young children at home! No doubt, his meditation and yoga practice keep him centered.


Illinois-based Mary Beth Janssen is the author of REJUVENATION: Spa Secrets for Menopause. Best known as a beauty industry consultant specializing in organic products, she is also certified by the Chopra Center as a mind/body/spirit educator. Look for Mary Beth in September as the featured educator on

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