Runnin’ With the Devil… Again


Oh hells yes. Van Halen is BACK! Last week the band announced that after 22 years, lead singer David Lee Roth would be rejoining the boys for a massive, 25-city North American tour this fall. And don’t call them “rockers with walkers,” either. The three original members—Roth, guitarist Eddie Van Halen, and drummer Alex Van Halen—may be in their 50s, but according to Eddie, “It’s better than it’s ever been… It is totally blowing our minds and I think it will yours, too.”

Better than ever? How do you top the early years of Van Halen? From their 1978 debut through their colossal 1984 album, this band rewrote all the rules. Nobody rocked—or partied—harder. And just in time for the reunion tour, we’re bringing back all the memories (and the dirt) with a smokin’ hot visual history of the all-powerful, spandexed, high-kicking, guitar blazing, stadium-shaking, original Van Halen lineup.


Van Halen (the book) collects more than 250 backstage, candid, and full rock-out photos by Neil Zlozower. They were all so awesome I had to defer to one of our designers, Laura Bagnato, to wade through the files and choose her Top 5 to feature here. A rock-star in her own right, Laura B. rose to the occasion—and even provided captions.

Get ready for Van Halen to blow your mind…

LAURA B’S TOP 5 (Yes, they are all of David Lee Roth, and I can’t blame her)

5. So hot, this guy’s hair is literally on fire.

4. Blatant permsecution.

3. I like to imagine that David forgot to pack extra clothes for the tour, and the damage to this ensemble was a result of 3 months worth of hard living and European groupie-clawing.

2. In a rare glimpse of DLR’s softer side, the iconic rocker takes a moment for self-affirmation before digging into a hearty breakfast of JD, Reds, and a banana. Also, I believe parts of his pants are cut away to expose his ass.

1. Ah, the glorious squalor of eternal adolescence. You know you’re David Lee Roth if you sleep in your sunglasses.

Guinevere Harrison

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Guinevere de la Mare

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  • leese August 24, 2007 at 10:06 am

    i cannot wait for this book! good times. are there any photos or text that explains if eddie van halen and valerie bertinelli are actually related–they sure do look alike.


  • Jamie August 24, 2007 at 4:38 pm

    Is it wrong that I want to see the return of Spandex? Nobody could pull it off like DLR! I want this book…


  • Theresa December 2, 2007 at 1:34 am

    Rock ON!!!! I manage a band and have been telling my boys for years that *spandex* is the way to go if you want to make it BIG TIME! I’m a die-hard VH fan and am stoked they are touring again. Don’t ask Grace Slick her oppinion of *Rockers and Walkers*, she brutally honest but quite possibly Eddie, David, A
    lex and the guys are might change her mind!


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