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Our books are often thought of as great value, delivering top-quality content in a handsomely designed book for a good price. For a long time we thought that successful formula would keep us away from high-end publishing, but we also keep exploring new opportunities and challenges in how we make our books and gift products. Even though we broke some barriers with fancy books like Madeline Vionnet and The Star Wars Chronicles, we haven’t dipped our toes into the waters of limited editions—until now.

We’re proud to announce a lovely boxed edition of Richard Sexton’s new photography book, Terra Incognita: Photographs of America’s Third Coast. Richard is a longtime Chronicle author, known for his excellent books on style and culture in New Orleans and San Francisco. His color photographs of Victorian houses, eccentric artist’s studios, and the crumbling grandeur of old plantations are well-known, but for a decade and a half Richard has also been making elegant black-and-white photographs of the Gulf Coast.

The refined vision Richard brings to this terrain—a fragile ecosystem that hadn’t been much in the public mind until the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina two years ago—will also be seen in an exhibition at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in October. It seemed perfect for special treatment. Here are some sneak peeks of the linen-wrapped clamshell box that the book and print (of the haunting cover image), will come in. We’re busy putting all these elements together and will let you know soon when this edition is available.



And by the way, this is our second limited edition. Did you know about the special Art of Ratatouille package?

Alan Rapp
Senior Editor

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