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The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Winners


As many of you know, we get most of the information for our WORST CASE SCENARIO books from experts in the subject at hand—stuntmen, FBI agents, bullfighters, alligator wrestlers, and many others. But apparently our experts aren’t the only ones with good tips and advice to impart.

The contest for the best survival tips has just ended, and I’m happy to announce the five winners—each of them will receive a copy of the WORST CASE SCENARIO board game from University Games, along with our undying respect and admiration. Here are excerpts from the winning entries:

Entry #1: How to Tell Someone You Like Them

“Think about what you really feel…then just do what your heart just tells you to do.”

Entry #2: How to Survive When Stuck at the Airport

“An airport scavenger hunt helps to while away family boredom. With cell phones in hand for easy communication and for timekeeping, separate and find, in one hour or less:

A foreign language newspaper—-(10 points; 20 if no one in the family recognizes the language)
One scarf or glove (15)
A hat (10)
People Magazine (5)
Six different colored screw-on bottle tops (10)
A pacifier (5)
A relish package (5)
A paperback (5).

Only cheaters buy these items, and only thieves steal them. And maybe then your flight will be ready to go.”

Entry #3: How to Survive Holidays With Your Relatives

“Try to enjoy the time, and remember that yes, it might not be the most fun thing to do, but it might be the only day of the year you get to see these people, and vice versa. Find a kid your age, and chat them up. Go outside and get fresh air, walk around. Or help around the house. The more occupied you are the more fun you will have engaging yourself and the faster time will go by. Learn a few simple magic tricks before the day and show off your skills when you get there. Just remember to have fun because one day those old fogies will be you. Faster than you can say… ‘I’m bored!”

Entry #4: How to Survive Anytime, Anywhere

“Always have a spare bottle of water on hand.”

Entry #5: How to Train a Bad Cat

“There are many ways to tame the beast. A squirt bottle is a great deterrent. Also cats hate loud noise, so a noisemaker is fun and effective!”

Congratulations to the winners—and hey, hey, hey—let’s be careful out there.

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