Handbound: Your Thursday Dose of Chronicle Craft


Craft Blogs, better than Daytime TV

Our office is a breeding ground for germs these days, with a new sickness being passed around every week. Unfortunately it caught me and I spent two days at home. I like bad TV, but daytime TV can be really bad, and not in the Rock of Love bad kind of way (which is really good). One of the only truly good things about having this awful flu was that I got to spend quality time on some of my favorite craft blogs. In case you’re healthy and unable to waste two days straight on your couch with your cat and laptop here are some things I got excited about:

Amy Karol of Angry Chicken has a new eMailorder available. Issue No. 8 includes four paper cut designs and instructions. It seems that Amy is good at everything she tries her hand at and these paper cuts are no exception. Amy also has some great pictures and tips for making lollipops, which I think is a sweet idea for Valentine’s gifts.


Nancy of Belle Epoque is giving away an awesome stash of beads to someone who comments on her blog after purchasing Susan Beal’s new beading book, Bead Simple. If I actually had room in my craft space and an excuse to acquire more beads I would be clamoring for this awesome loot! Either way I will be buying Susan’s book- it looks fabulous and she’s such a talented designer.


I am such a huge fan of Heidi Kenney, the woman behind ‘My Paper Crane’. Heidi’s blog is one of my favorites to check in on. I love how much she shares with her readers from her craft room. Check out these adorable creatures she’s making for an upcoming show she’s a part of- the theme is Forest Party! In case you missed it, one of Heidi’s sweet patterns is included in our Softies book.


Not entirely craft related, but I loved the round up over on Hi + Low of old composition books. I swear I’d be a better note taker if I had these to write in.


And finally, I already have some projects in mind that I want to make with this new fabric designed by Jess from How About Orange.


And since I’m in the office today and not on my couch, I should probably get back to work! Let me know if you see anything good out there in the blogosphere.

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