Handbound: Your Thursday Dose of Chronicle Craft


Get Ready for Spring with Peeps!


This is the first of many Peeps posts you will see here! I promise we won’t exhaust the topic, but can you ever get enough of those adorable little marshmallow bunnies and chicks? We’ve been having a lot of fun around the office with Peeps! which is full of recipes and crafts to make with everyone’s favorite candy (what? it’s not your favorite?). One producer was the lucky recipient of that fabulous Peeps vase you see above, and even though she hasn’t promised me the book will be on her show yet, I have to think she appreciates all of the hard work Nancy and I put into creating it! I’m including directions below so you can make your very own Peeps vase. Feel free to send in pictures of your master pieces!


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Christina Loff
Craft Publicist

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