From the Design Desk: Post-Mortem Posters

Every six months Chronicle Books welcomes a new set of young designers to its fellowship program. Five designers (one industrial designer and four graphic designers) commit to the six-month design fellowship and, in the process, often end up pitching a project idea or two. They also design the fellowship poster, which is a call for entries for the next season of design daredevils.

This spring, Andrew Schapiro of Davidson College, NC and Bradley Mead of the University of Washington, WA collaborated to design the poster. Inspired by their simultaneous colds and an awareness that their time here at Chronicle Books is finite, the two chose an obituary theme, with humorous, post-mortem descriptions of the different fellowship positions and their demands, in a realistic newspaper layout. Andrew and Brad got several Chronicle Books employees, as well as the other fellows, to contribute to the poster’s text.


In the end, 300 posters were silk-screened on French Paper Company’s Durotone aged newsprint, in two colors by Bloom Press printers in Oakland, CA. The posters are currently being mailed to schools around the country. For more information on the fellowship program, visit:


Postscript: Andrew and Brad ultimately survived their colds and seem to be enjoying a healthy run in our design department with long and vigorous careers ahead of them. While colds come and go, many fellows maintain a robust relationship with Chronicle after their time here.

Suzanne LaGasa

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