From the Design Desk: Striking the Perfect Note

I‘m always so excited when I open my mailbox to find that—amongst all the junk mail and bills—I have received a letter with real handwriting! It’s a small thing, but oh-so-very precious because the sender cared enough to take time out to sit down and write me a letter.

I first had the pleasure of working with calligrapher, Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls, when I was looking to hire a calligrapher for a project. We developed a wonderful working relationship, which has turned into a great friendship and exchange of letters. When I receive a letter in the mail from my friend Maybelle, it’s like Christmas!!! As the lucky recipient, I skip and twirl around in sheer delight.


Her sentiment (always sweet) and style (graceful beyond belief) strikes the perfect note every time. Try as I might, my letters never look quite like hers, and being the stationery-lover that I am, I really, really want them to! And so, this is what inspired us to create The Perfect Note.


Maybelle and I worked collaboratively on the project, creating every last detail together. We tried to pack as much as we could into the kit so that the end-user could create and send little gifts in the mail. It includes glassine and paper envelopes, stamps, stickers, folded and flat notecards, and a booklet that has templates and examples of notes (in Maybelle’s beautiful calligraphic style, of course) to write for almost every occasion.

Whether to say thank you or to simply keep in touch, we hope The Perfect Note will inspire other people to write handwritten letters to loved ones so more days can be brightened by a trip to the mailbox.

Kristen Hewitt
Senior Designer

Kristen Hewitt

Design Director at Chronicle Books and an enthusiastic cheerleader for gift and stationery products (and pretty much anything with foil).
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