Handbound: Your Thursday Dose of Chronicle Craft


Renegade Brooklyn!

McCarren Park Pool was sweltering hot and a really good reminder of how much I love the weather here in San Francisco, but it was also the perfect venue for this huge craft event, with live music and hundreds of vendors selling their fantastic handmade goods.

I loved this table set up right outside Renegade with cupcakes and Snoopy sno cones for sale. Perfect for the weather!

I know, I know — everyone is sick of owls and birds. But you know what, I still have a soft spot for them and I think these felted owls created by Laura Alane are darling. I picked up some of her postcards which feature her owls in outdoor settings like at the beach and lounging in the park.

I loved these wooden bookmarks from Beacon Bookmarks. And I can’t deny blushing a little when I asked the woman selling them if I could take a picture of them for a blog.

I know I should have gotten down the name of the people selling these great wall hangings made from vintage fabric, but I didn’t want to disrupt this perfect picture, it captured the day so well and I’m sure her umbrella doubled nicely once the rains started later that afternoon.

I’m a sucker for everything My Paper Crane creates. Crying tree stumps, giant strawberries, onions with faces– yes please! Heidi also has a project in our fabulous Softies book.

I imagine I am probably the last person on earth to not own an ipod, if I had one I would buy one of these clever ipod cases by Mr.Poncho.

Of course there was loads of jewelry at Renegade, but my favorite? Brookadelphia—great name and nice big shiny bling, just how I like it!

Where you at Renegade in Brooklyn? Leave a comment and let me know what caught your eye!

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Christina Loff
Craft Publicist

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