From the Design Desk: Looking Back

When Chronicle’s Design Desk started blogging this March we felt a little nervous about putting into words the visual world we see and love. Luckily there are plenty of things we’re eager to share.

Inspired by the year-end “best of” lists popping up everywhere from Book By It’s Cover’s The Best of BBIC 2008 and Time Magazine’s Top 10 Everything we’ve decided to look back on our maiden year.

Our best critics are our readers, so we looked to them to decide what was most popular. We got the heaviest traffic on our We Heart Anthropologie post. Perhaps you like their crafty creative spirit and vintage pretty aesthetic as much as we do.

The runners up were the Art of Covers for a Collection of Movie Posters and AIGA’s 50 Books/50 Covers posts.

The Art of Covers for a Collection of Movie Posters got the most comments with a total of eight (one more than D.I.Y. Campaign Design and We Heart Anthropolgie). Clearly film and design belong together. Perhaps a reminder to hit the theaters more often?

The best offline, non-digital post we saw all year was Jake Gardner’s “Here’s Your Yellow Print Outs…” (above). A reminder to not be wasteful.

The designers posting for the Design Desk may not be natural writers, er… I mean bloggers, but we probably like some of the same things you do, if you like Chronicle publishing… so we hope we haven’t sounded like square-glasses, hipster sneaker dweebs.

All the best in the New Year (and more design nerdy-dom to come every Monday)!

Suzanne LaGasa

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