Yoshitomo Nara, arrested?

This is no doubt totally old news to you Nara fans out there. But…

The acclaimed Japanese artist was arrested back in early March for drawing in the subway station at Union Square in New York the night before his big opening at the Marianne Boesky Gallery.

Okay, but it gets better. According to Art in America,
“Nara was arrested the day before his show for tagging graffiti-a portrait in marker of two Japanese friends-at the Union Square subway station. Subsisting on peanut butter sandwiches and milk, he spent two days in the downtown jail, which he optimistically described as ‘a nice experience in my life,’ saying it was ‘like in the movies,’ a small space filled with all manner of people he would not otherwise meet.”

Didn’t your heart just melt a little when Nara was quoted as saying that jail was “a nice experience” in his life, you know, just “like in the movies?”

Well, mine did. Big time, people.

You can spread the Nara love with e-postcards.

My favorite being: Oh! My God! I Miss You.

Who wouldn’t want to get that in her inbox?

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Nara postcards, journals and book can be found here.

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