Chronicle Craft: Kat Macleod Coming to San Francisco


This just in: Kat Macleod is making her first US appearance to support the book she illustrated, Like I Give a Frock. The event is Monday July 13 at Candystore Collective. Just wanted to get the date on your calendars, and we’ll post more details in July.

I would have loved to look over Kat’s shoulder as she created the sartorially stunning art for Like I Give a Frock. Wish granted! This video shows a bird’s eye view of Kat drawing, painting, sewing, and collaging a few of her signature fancy frocked ladies.

Thanks to Happy Mundane for the tipoff.

To get more of Kat’s art, come to Candystore on July 13th. In the meantime, you can buy Like I Give a Frock and download free desktop wallpaper here. Or send a friend an e-postcard here. I just updated my computer with this peek-a-boo print:

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Kate Woodrow
Craft Editor

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