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Greetings from the Ocean’s Sweaty Face and much more…

Showcasing the inventive spirit of McSweeney’s publishing, Chronicle Books recently released a box of 100 postcards that are idiosyncratically categorized into five tabbed sections: Across the Miles I Love You So; I Can’t Stop Thinking About Us; Care/Concern; More than Words; and Friendship. As many of you know, McSweeney’s was founded in 1998 as a San Francisco-based literary journal edited by Dave Eggers, and has since evolved into a celebrated and award-winning independent publishing company.

McSweeney’s is known for attracting a wide range of writers, artists and illustrators, and the postcards in Greetings from the Ocean’s Sweaty Face include artwork, photos, self-contained short stories, and other oddities from contributors such as Marcel Dzama, David Byrne, Chris Ware, Charles Burns, and Jonathan Safran Foer. I’ve posted some of my favorites below.

In the coming months, Chronicle has two more books in the pipeline with the folks at McSweeney’s. This fall we’ll release More Things Like This, an unconventional book curated and created by the editors of McSweeney’s that explores the intersection of text, humor, and illustration in art created by cartoonists, writers, musicians, and fine artists.

The art in More Things Like This is a fascinating and entertaining mix of high, low, and sideways, featuring nearly 300 images from dozens of contributors. Insightful interviews with the artists further illuminate the shared and divergent approaches they take in creating this smart, funny, and engaging work.

And in the spring of next year, we’ll release a beautiful book celebrating the 11th (or 12th) anniversary of McSweeney’s through the lens of their award-winning art and design work. The book will visually showcase their publications and creations and tell the quirky/brainy/semi-accidental inside story of their creation through hundreds of photos and illustrations and interviews with the staff plus writers and artists such as Rick Moody, Sarah Vowell, John Hodgeman, Lawrence Weschler, Michael Chabon, Chris Ware, Ben Katchor, Charles Burns, and many more. Stay tuned for more details on this one.

Postcards from Greetings from the Ocean’s Sweaty Face:

Esther Pearl Waston
The Past, 2006


Charles Burns
Woman without a Face, 2003


David Byrne
Scanned Chick, 2000


Chris Ware
Jacket for McSweeney’s 13, 2004

Post a comment about your favorite McSweeney’s project and you may be one of five lucky responders to win a copy of Greetings from the Ocean’s Sweaty Face.

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