Comic-Con Spotlight

This will be Chronicle’s 6th year at Comic-Con. We have expanded our booth and will have an impressive roster of authors/artists available for signings. Yet, I wanted to spotlight one of the “smaller” products that won’t have a signing, but will no doubt appeal to fellow Comic-Con’ers.

The Art of Star Wars Comics is a collection of 100 covers from Star Wars comics in postcard form, presented in a cool collectible box. From the 70s up to present day, the collection spans the history of Star Wars comics and features some iconic imagery. The Star Wars Tales with Darth Vader pondering C-3PO’s dismembered head (Alas, poor C-3P0!) is one of my favorites. One that fans will also enjoy is the cover by Sergio Aragonés (of Mad Magazine fame).

The postcards are a fun way to feed your Star Wars obsession, without weighing down those huge freebie swag bags that they always seem to be giving away at Comic-Con. You can pre-order now, or pick up a package when we debut them at the show. The toughest decision is to choose which postcards to send and which to keep!

April Whitney

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