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From the Design Desk: Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas


Looking for (very) last minute holiday gift ideas? A creative bunch of Chronicle designers are here to help. Take a little peek at what’s on their give and wish lists!

Senior Designer Brooke is into stuff made of felt. She has her eye on these items…

Book Box from Etcetera Store (left)

Seat Slice by Lene Frantzen (right)
“These seat slices would look so cute on a wooden chair” – Brooke.

Various felt products by Josh Jakus.
“This SF based architect designs some really fun and beautiful felt products.”

Design Director Vanessa would be a chef if she weren’t so good at designing. Looks like the lucky people on her list will be receiving a homemade dry rub mix from her cookbook… or a calligraphic chocolate mousse? She’s also getting herself a nice little type game for her iPhone.

The Meat Club Cookbook: For Gals Who Love Their Meat!

Sweet Treats: A Typographical Cookbook. (left)

The Font Game. (right)

Suzanne, an avid Design Desk blogger, would like to give this T-shirt to stress cases because the illustration is done by an illustrator she loves.

Pocketo Take it Easy! Shirt illustrated by Marcus Oakley. (left)

And she would love to get this book, the sequel to A Year of Mornings because she loves the blog.
3191: Evenings (right)

Geoff, one of our marketing designers, recommends this T-shirt. Such a clever use of typography. I love this!

I Am Californian For Equal Rights T-shirt

One of our design fellows, Supriya, found this witty design-y gift.

Photoshop Magnet

Senior Designer Michael, a Christmas celebrator extraordinaire, recommends this DVD as he considers it to be of the HIGHEST value. This is why, in his own words:

“It’s an internet classic; an 80’s “lifestyle” video filled with ridiculous fashion, decorating, and “glamour tips.” It’s a cult classic that has been parodied, remade, and is quoted by legions of adoring fans. It belongs in the library of any designer who works with pop culture, or anyone who appreciates beautiful women who love to talk about how beautiful they are!”

Brenda Dickson’s Welcome to my Home, on DVD! ($20.00)

And for those who are hopeless in finding the time or energy to do any more shopping or making things, I have three words for you – Zingerman’s mail order. Their heavenly baked goods are so darn tasty that no one will blame you even if your gift arrives in the new year. Happy holidays, everyone!

Ayako Akazawa
Senior Designer

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