Chronicle Books at Man Up SF

Every exam week in college, my friend Sam would attract the attention of the entire dining hall by showing up to meals looking dapper in a tie and slacks—subsequently putting every other guy in sweatpants and last night’s t-shirt to shame. “Sam, what’s with the get-up?” we’d say. His chic ensemble was hardly the norm for a liberal arts college in New England. “Look good, feel good, baby,” he’d reply. “Look good, feel good.”

While Sam’s attire may be standard protocol in urban environments, the “look good, feel good” motto is a great one to follow as we head into the new year. Whether you’re fresh out of college, a graduate with your recently acquired MBA, or an older guy looking to get into a newer industry, a classy appearance always has been, and always will be, a crucial piece of your overall potentiality. A solid outfit immediately turns heads and bolsters confidence. Sam knew it would help him with exams; why shouldn’t it help at the office? It’ll definitely help with the ladies.

From January 29th to January 31st, the San Francisco-based company Durable Goods Concern is bringing together top up-and-coming clothiers for an exclusive pop-up menswear market they’ve dubbed Man Up SF. DGC has invited the names for hip and classy clothes to this event (including Taylor Stitch, Union Made, and AB Fits’ American Denim Shack), as well as companies that offer products to complement a fashionable yet masculine lifestyle (cue Chronicle Books, My Dutch Bike, and local artists). This premiere event will be held at the California Modern Art Gallery at 1035 Market Street, and is not to be missed. Man up, look good, and feel good, baby.

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