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From the Design Desk: Whom to Follow on Twitter


The micro-blogging of Twitter can be a very helpful and insightful tool if you want it to be. It’s increasingly a place for people with common interests to find community news, share ideas and find inspiration. These days you can use Twitter to get news updates and suggestions from your local bookstore, or your favorite crafty designer or entertainer (local or not). You can even follow us, Chronicle Books, our staff, authors and see our favorites.

If you’re into fashion, cooking, pop culture, etc. you can build a list of people twittering about these things, and your Twitter feed will be curated to these interests. I follow a slew of designers, illustrators and creative agencies, which may be of interest to you if you’re into design. Here are a few we recommend:

Design Observer. Simply a must have for anyone on Twitter and serious about design. We love the site and the Twitter feed doesn’t disappoint with a great mix of news and coverage of design heavyweights.

Design:related. Their “bio” reads, “where design meets inspiration,” and they stay true to this. Their tweets cover a broad range of design and creative projects around the world from videos to student posters to design in everyday life.

Barry Madden. A prolific twitterer who somehow doesn’t let quantity affect the quality of his posts. He seems to have something to share about design or photography every five minutes, but it’s always interesting, smart, and often useful.

Julia Rothman. We love her illustration work and her website Book by Its Cover. Her Twitter posts are full of inspiring finds such as books, art shows, new designs, articles and online interviews. And she includes some personal notes and observations, rendering her a lovely real person and talented curator to follow.

She’s also been twittering and blogging about the making of her Exquisite Book. It’s very fun to see the concept and cover options come together.

These are just four examples of great design inspired twittering. If you twitter, give us your link and tell us your favorites in the comments section. The days of reading about what everyone had for lunch are gone—unless you’re a foodie and that’s your inspiration. Twitter is easily curated to your interests. Design is only a sliver, albeit a pretty active one.

Suzanne LaGasa



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