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From the Design Desk: Type Overload


Type, like kittens, should never go out of style. There’s just too much to love. Given how type can be used ornamentally in books and signage, it shouldn’t be any surprise that it can also be used as decorative fashion elements in personal style.

The quotation mark earrings above seem like they would be perfect for any situation (for when quotation marks might not be suitable, see The Book of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks, out this summer). We also love the “kern” sweatshirt and ampersand accessories from Veer above.

Graphic designer Nubby Twiglet highlighted these American Apparel punctuation pantyhose in The Typofiles section of her design blog. They almost look painted on…

The picture above by Caroline Duke reminds us that there are other ways to wear quotation marks and type: tattoo them on! Typographic tattoos are nothing new, only now people have tattooed the name of their favorite typeface, for example “Helvetica,” onto themselves—set in that typeface of course.

And if you like type, why not just simply go for “type” like the brilliant Jessica Hiche. Jessica is a talented designer and illustrator, with some serious typographical guns. She’s also known for the lovely Daily Drop Cap part of her website.

You can see more examples of type as ornamentation in non-traditional ways in our Type Enthusiast’s Guide to Holiday Gifts, and at Hurley Sashimi, Swiss Miss, and Grafik‘s blog. Actually, it seems to be everywhere if you look around, from belt buckles to flirty earrings. You can also make your our own type fashion with our Hot Type iron-ons. So, type away!

Suzanne LaGasa

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