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From the Design Desk: Behold the Bookshelf


Some write them, some design them and others invent new ways to display them. Books might not be conceived as pieces of decoration, but that doesn’t mean that the way you store them can’t be. Dutch designer Kriz lifestyle in Eindhoven designed a book case where each book can have its own cubby:

For Brooklyn Designers Colleen & Eric the idea was much simpler, a bookshelf with a built in stopper that can move to fit the quantity of books:

This bookshelf by Pieter de Leeuw uses the letterforms found inside of books as loose containers for the books themselves:

dbd Studio took the idea of the built-in bookshelf to a whole other level with this floor to ceiling undulating structure:

It’s exciting to see such creative design solutions, from the expressive collapsing bookshelf, to the invisible, to the BooxStore, which is not actually a bookshelf but a cardboard box designed to look like a stack of books:

The See-Saw Bookshelf by BCXSY seems more like a work of conceptual art, but also really fun to use—and not without function. Imagine the play with physics every time you needed to pull a book out?!

For more example of bookish industrial design wonders check out these 20 Brilliant Bookcases on Incredible Things. Once you’ve found the right container to showcase your book collection, next comes the fun with sorting: by color? Subject? Title? Book fiends and designers unite! Either way, there are many ways to have fun with books. After reading them, of course.

Suzanne LaGasa

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