Chronicle Craft: Iron-Ons, the quick & easy craft


We’re always striving to make innovative products over here. When it comes to craft titles, we try to make things with awesomely unique components you can’t get anywhere else. Take our pads of iron on transfers by Sukie and Mike Perry. They have such unique designs! We recently changed the printing technology so the iron-ons are more like those 70’s inspired vinyl ones we all know and love. Our amazing production team researched countless iron-on materials until they found the very best technology and I was lucky enough to test them out with some friends recently. The results are even more awesome than I expected.

What’s so great about these iron-on pads, besides the awesome designs by Mike Perry and Sukie? Instant gratification! Well, 5 minute gratification, which—when you have good friends around and a cocktail in your hand—flies by. I’ve organized countless crafting nights but none have ever been as successful as our iron-on party. It’s quick and easy crafting at its best! Want to try out our new and improved iron-ons? Leave a comment below and I’ll randomly pick three winners who will each receive one of our iron-on pads.

We loved the outcome of Sarah’s shirt, especially the broken heart ironed on over the heart. Genius!

I went with the Sukie Power line design.

(Thanks to Danica for providing these photos!)

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Christina Loff
Craft Publicist

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