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From the Design Desk: Bicycle Love


Bike Snob, published in April, sold out of its first print run in less than two months and is just now back in stock. We got such a great response to the design of this small gold hardcover book that we decided to follow it up with a journal, out next spring, using the same iconic and decorative designs by Gregory Ryan Klein and a similar black and gold color scheme.

When we posted about bicycle aesthetics last fall, Bike Snob wasn’t out yet (neither book nor author). As interest in bicycling seems to grow, so do our design options. One nearby bicycle company is particularly capturing the eye and heart of the design-minded and bicycle-curious. Not even a year old, Public has six different bicycle designs available in three different colors and a convincing write-up on their website. Their aesthetic is uncluttered and elegantly simple, a classic unisex style. We suspect our marketing designer Emily Craig stores her white bicycle in her room just so it’s the first and last thing she sees every day.

For truly public bikes we must give the Europeans a nod. The free community bicycles of Paris and Copenhagen have inspired and populated the pages of many design blogs. Pictures like the Catalonian couple below, riding a public Barcelona city bicycle, couldn’t paint a more romantic picture of bicycle love.

From elegant Italian ladies, to New York fashionites, we’re not too surprised that the bicycle is making a bigger comeback. They can be so easy to love—whether for their throwback simplicity, design sleekness, kid nostalgia, old world charm, petroleum liberation, or racing dreams… As the authors of our upcoming (Spring 2011) I Love My Bike might suggest, there’s something in it for everyone. I Love My Bike—both the book and the website—showcase the wide and varied love relationship people have with their bikes on both coast of the US, featuring arresting and highly individualistic photos and stories.

Whether you ride them, photograph them, or design them… the romance is definitely there. Beauty in the eye of the rider.

Suzanne LaGasa

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