Q&A with Todd Davis, Handy Dad

Todd Davis, extreme athlete, host of HGTV’s Over Your Head, and author of our bestselling book, Handy Dad, takes a little time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about what keeps him inspired.

1. What prompted you to write Handy Dad?

I had such a blast as a kid building various things, but today’s video games are too good. It’s past due to get outside and have a sweet, ol’ fashioned good time!

2. What is your favorite project in the book?

It keeps changing. At first I loved the 200-foot slip-and-slide that ended with an 8-foot ramp into a lake… Now it’s the light box. It really sets the ambiance in a room and is very cool to look at.

3. Handy Dad has been super successful and feedback from dads has been great. What do you do to spend time with your own kids?

My two boys are the driving factor, I expose them to as many fun and crazy things as possible, but sometimes they just stop and change gears, focusing on something entirely different. It’s important to adapt to whatever they want to do at the moment, to keep them excited about everything!

4. What should Dad do if he’s not feeling particularly “handy”?

Start small and build the paper airplane. It can be overwhelming to even think about spending all weekend struggling with something you know nothing about. After a while you should naturally feel more and more ambitious. You will begin to have more fun with “the process,” more familiar with your new tools, and will become addicted to seeing your children faces as they run around screaming with joy, playing with one of your creations… big or small.

5. In addition to book author, you’re also the star of HGTV’s Over Your Head and are an extreme sports athlete. What’s next for you?

I am currently working with an Emmy award–winning production company out of LA, developing my own wild design show that incorporates both indoor and outdoor environments with high action reveals of course! I love to draw and have been designing and making clothing for big and little kids. The concept is putting dad and son, mom, daughter, etc. on the same “team” with clothing. They wear similar or exact designs of one another when they embark on their favorite mission, adventure or activity together. I have witnessed kids as well as my own freak out when they have the same t-shirt as daddy does! I have a few with my own father that are hilarious.

Also, a photographer friend and I are compiling images to make a picture book. One that showcases how many different things can one single man can do? (Yes, me.) We portray each element in the most extreme way possible. We have hundreds of amazing images that are simply unreal, very unique, and terrifying to most! Such a blast, coming up with ideas and planning the odd and dangerous shoots.

I love being a Jack-of-all-trades, or what most people call me, The Renaissance Man, involving myself in as many different experiences as possible.

So much to do and so little time! Off to Beverly Hills to install another indoor project with my own company Epic Spaces… talk to you soon!

Want to get handy? Download instructions to make your very own Lion-Mane Tire Swing here.

Nancy Deane
Senior Marketing Manager

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