Celebrate PARK(ing) Day with Chronicle!

Tomorrow is PARK(ing) Day, a DIY urban-renewal event designed to inspire us city folk to take back the streets and transform metered parking spots into temporary parks. Originally conceived in 2005 by San Francisco-based art and design studio Rebar, the annual event has evolved into a global movement to promote the greening of cities and the development of public spaces.

Chronicle first participated in PARK(ing) Day in 2008 when a small crew of dedicated employees constructed a pop-up lemonade stand in front of our building in SOMA. We didn’t have a budget for cushy green sod, so cardboard tree trunks topped with shrubbery acted as our stand-ins for nature, and a string of colorful balloons kept us from wandering into traffic. Greg Janess, the mastermind behind our event, even brought his laptop downstairs to take advantage of outdoor wifi and get some work done (are you reading this, management? *wink*).



Two years later, our plans have come a long way from fake cardboard trees and plastic chairs. This year we’ve joined forces with our restaurant neighbor Ironside and the local office of the architectural firm Perkins+Will to create a “parklet” in front of our building for the duration of the day. If you’re in our neck of the woods (680 Second Street), please drop by for a visit, sip some Four Barrel coffee, and pick up a book from our lobby store.

Happy PARK(ing) Day!



Visit the official PARK(ing) Day site.
Lemonade stand photos courtesy of Geoff Wagner.

Guinevere de la Mare

Guinevere de la Mare

Guinevere de la Mare is a writer, book lover, and the founder of Silent Book Club. She lives in San Francisco. She also was the senior community manager at Chronicle Books from 2009-2014.
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