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Art + Design: Weirdo Noir

Like a corpse in a zombie movie, the Goth movement has been resuscitated—stronger, more powerful, and more contagious than ever. From fashion to music, Goth influences have crept into every area of pop culture and nowhere is that influence creepier, more fascinating, and more playful than in the art world.

Weirdo Noir: Gothic and Dark Lowbrow Art showcases the latest and greatest work from 30 Low Brow artists who embrace the dark side. Here is a selection of artwork featured in the book.

Isabel Samaras
Wednesday the Destroyer, 2003

Isabel Samaras
Song of the Raven, 2007

Jonathan Bergeron
Kickin’ It Old Skool, 2009

Bob Dob
Lonely Day, 2008

Bob Dob
Luey Skeletal, 2007

Alex Gross
Hierophant, 2008

Fred Harper
Two Chickens in Every Pot, 2007

Laurie Lipton
Leashed Passion, 1996

Laurie Lipton
Senorita Muerte (Lady Death), 2004

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