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From the Design Desk: Resolutions for 2011


In thinking about the new year and all the good things to come, and the things we could do better, I asked a few fellow Chronicle designers whether they had any design-related resolutions. Here’s some of what this bundle of book designers had to say…

Aya Akazawa, senior designer. Her titles include Silhouette Art, Cath Kidston Masking Tape, and the lovely Open Studios with Lotta Jansdotter. “I resolve to design something that I will print using my Gocco, which has never been used since I bought it more than two years ago (What a shame, I know).”

Allison Weiner, designer. A new addition to our team, Allison designed Money and is currently working on a book about little things you can do to make life better each day. “Make a crazy-looking copyright page.” I’m not sure if that’s even allowed, but what a cute book nerd.

Jake Gardner, senior designer. His titles include The History of Surfing, The Country Cooking of Ireland, and The Moustache Grower’s Guide. “I resolve to get out from behind this screen and take more pictures, draw more with a pencil, and paint more with a brush (a real brush).” Jake is a fantastic abstract doodler in meetings.

Vanessa Dina, design director. Her titles include The Meat Club Cookbook: For Gals Who Love Their Meat!, Whoopie Pies, and Tartine Bread. “I resolve to create innovative app designs for the iPad next year.” Vanessa designed two iPhone apps this year: Art of the Slow Cooker and Cheese Plate. They’re beautiful apps and so well-functioning. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the iPad apps.

Eloise Leigh, designer. Her titles include Pictorial Webster’s, Little Book of Letterpress, and 642 Things to Draw. “I resolve to come to terms with kelly greens and dark teals, my anti-colors, and try using them in a way I can live with on a project. I resolve to build a new website and find a way to document work more easily and regularly. And I resolve to experiment more with illustrating what I can in projects that I am also designing.”

Emily Dubin, design fellow. Emily is currently working on an awesome book about pirates and another on summertime treats. “I resolve to fill up my brand new sketchbook, and I resolve to take a letterpress class.”

Michael Morris, senior designer. His titles include How High Am I?, The Art of Vintage DC Comics Postcards, and the hilarious Sexy Book of Sexy Sex by Kristen Schaal. “I resolve to add five new fonts to my repertoire. I resolve to stop pouring hot coffee on interns as punishment. And I resolve to reduce my office prank goal by 1 prank.” Okay, those last two aren’t really design related, but we welcome them.

The common thread seems to be a desire to draw more and do more creative things away from the computer. All of us also share an interest in improving our craft, whether it’s by diversifying our go-to typefaces, or as Brooke Johnson mentioned to me, “Paying more attention to the spines.” Or, in my case, more “Kern, baby, kern”—attention to detail with my typography. Love is in the details…

We hope that, come the end of 2011, we’ll have managed to make our resolutions come true. And we might even have a book or two to show for it…

Happy New Year!

Suzanne LaGasa

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  • kelly January 3, 2011 at 2:08 pm

    OMG my Mister is obsessed with Burt Reynolds. (It's more funny then weird) I've got to get him this book… I know that wasn't the point of the post but I had to share;)


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