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From the Design Desk: Nerd Style


It’s hard to say when nerd culture became cool. In 1996, PBS made a documentary called Triumph of the Nerds and today the biographic drama about the founder of Facebook, The Social Network, is nominated for 8 Academy Awards. Nerds have brought us more than great science, technology, and brilliant ideas.

Nerds have also brought us great style. Check out the men’s fashion website Nerd Boyfriend. From Michael Douglas to Simon & Garfunkel, the site showcases a vast supply of smart looking men not afraid to tuck in their shirts, part their hair, and sport some glasses.

Speaking of cute nerds with style, Summer Bellessa (editor at the online magazine Eliza) and Brooke White (singer and songwriter) run the delightful Girls with Glasses Show, an inspiring and entertaining blog for the smart and crafty girl, with insights on party planning, fashion, style and music.

Nerd Valentine assembles a great collection of crafty, smart and funny gifts for Valentine’s Day. What’s not to love about robots, embroidered i-Phones, and glasses? Which reminds me, I saw an advance copy of World of Geekcraft and it rocks (it’s available for pre-order now). The author Susan Beal is a crafting genius and it’s designed by Jay B. Sauceda of the Austin-based creative collective Public School—worth geeking over.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Geek out nerd style, the force is with us.

Suzanne LaGasa

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