Hello America! Here Are Three Things To Do This Weekend

1. James Jean’s Rebus Exhibition at the Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles.

I was lucky enough to be at the opening for James Jean’s first LA-based solo show a few weeks back. The art itself, showcasing James’ expressionist oil paintings and pages from his detailed sketchbooks, is a sight to behold—full of haunting, delicate imagery and bold colors. What was equally inspiring to me was how engaged the crowd was, posing for pictures in front of the paintings, waiting in line to have James sign their books, utterly thrilled to be a part of this exciting moment. It’s a rare thing to see. The show is up until April 23rd.

We recently received the printer’s proofs for James’ new book, also titled Rebus. It is 256 pages of absolute beauty, one that I look forward to telling you more about in the coming months—we publish it this fall!

2. Planet Comicon in Kansas City

Why not head to Kansas City for the Midwest’s premiere comic book pop culture feeding frenzy? Nathan Fox, the man behind Chronicle’s Stay Tuned Postcards (as well as numerous critically acclaimed graphic novels, like DMZ and Florescent Black) will be there. Say hi!

3. Chicago Zine Fest

I grew up devouring zines like Suburban Voice and Flipside, so it’s nice to see zine culture going strong, full of art and energy and youthful enthusiasm. Incidentally, while trying to remember the name of an old zine I used to love, I came across information about ABC No Rio’s Zine Library. How great is that? Chicago’s Zine Fest has a great roster of exhibitors, including the likes of Jeffrey Brown, Lilli Carré, and John Porcellino.

Chicagoans should also get over to Challengers Comics to meet one of the most talented artists in comics, Becky Cloonan, who will be at an event to promote the release of her amazing book, Demo.

Get into it!

Jason Sacher
Associate Editor

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