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From the Design Desk: March Craftness


Crochet and the NCAA aren’t normally in the same sentence. But maybe they should be. Inspired by the World of Geekcraft, which proves that geeks make some amazing crafts, I went in search of crafty college basketball fans. In honor of March Madness, here’s a showcase of what happens when college basketball and crafters collide.

First, some snacks.

Basketball cupcake-cookies (cupkies?) from Family Fun.

And lovely basketball sugar cookies from The Crafty Penguin.

Then, some accessories for the littlest fans.

Crochet basketball beanie from ashley22284 on Etsy.

Looks like the game’s down to the wire and she’s too nervous to watch.

Basketball hat and bootie set from Funhatsandmore.

Make your own basketball tam from this crochet pattern from ambassadorcrochet.

And, finally, some team-specific goodies from rabid fans.

Sackboy as a UNC Tarheel from crafty fusion.

Stormstriker’s Etsy shop sells expressionistic paintings of college mascots. Below, the Butler bulldog:

For the Cinderella team: a VCU Quilt

and beer cozy.

Kansas fans need one of these this year: a Jayhawks needlepoint tissue box cover.

And finally, a UCLA pet hat from ilickyou.

Don’t be sad, pugsy, there’s always next year.

And for those of you who aren’t fanatical about college basketball, some other forms of March Madness: Jezebel’s Cats Vs. Dogs bracket, Washington Post’s Beer Madness, The Morning News’ Tournament of Books.

Allison Weiner

Allison Weiner

Senior Designer at Chronicle Books and weekend crafter.

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