Paper Goods – Meet the Artist: Junzo Terada

Known for his vibrant patterns and colorful motifs, Japanese artist Junzo Terada creates wonderfully whimsical designs. This spring we’re excited to release a super-sized version of Junzo’s best selling punch-out animals. Jungle Friends: 5 Jumbo Punch-Out Animals for Play and Display is a collection of five oversized jungle animals—a crocodile, elephant, giraffe, lion, and tiger.

We thought you’d like to know more about Junzo Terada and the inspiration behind his playful products.

Home Base: Osaka, Japan

How long have you been designing?
It’s now over 30 years as a graphic designer and illustrator.

How did you start to create your line?
I started with some small products such as postcards, handmade wooden accessories for my solo exhibitions, and everything has grown from there.

What’s your favorite product that you’ve worked on for Chronicle Books?
I love them all!

What is your favorite (non-Chronicle Books) product?
Fun bags and, of course, the plush dolls that are made with fabric that I designed.

What are you currently excited to be creating?
I am developing a line of textiles

Favorite artists or inspirations?
There’re many artists whom I love and who have influenced me.
Initially, I was inspired by works of Tadanori Yokoo and Pushpin Studio.

How do those influences shape your work?
Both challenge me in different ways to create new styles of work.

What is necessary to your creative process?
A sheet of paper and a pencil

Available from Junzo:

Magical Menagerie: 20 Punch-Out Animals for Play and Display

Animals at Work and Play Journal

Happy Animal Time Postcards

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