Good luck, Doctor!

Is this the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done? Survey says: Yes.

So, a new season of Doctor Who is starting up this month. I don’t have BBC America, let alone cable television, but rest assured I’ll figure out some way to watch the premiere on April 23rd. Perhaps the less said the better regarding the level of excitement I feel for what is essentially a children’s program about a man who flies around in a police box with various fetching assistants, saving the universe.

In other news, advance copies of Lea Redmond’s World’s Smallest Post Service have hit my desk. Perhaps the coolest project I worked on all of last year, the W.S.P.S. translates Lea’s art-project gift business (she handwrites tiny letters and packages to your specifications, check her website, Leafcutter Designs) into a kit you can easily use to mimic Lea’s magic on your own.

Like chocolate into peanut butter, I’ve combined these two seemingly disparate items by writing the world’s smallest fan letter to the Doctor. The WSPS gave me everything I needed: tiny stationery sheets and envelopes, miniature postage and “wax” seals, a fine-tipped pen and magnifying glass. Plus, should I have wished to make tiny packages instead, there are boxes and twine, this-end-up stickers, kraft wrapping paper and even a Tiny Town newspaper, perfect for packing up a miniature gift.

Here’s my letter to the Doctor, half way complete.

And the full letter. I drew him a picture of his most hated enemy, the Daleks. I hate those guys.

Next, I grab an envelope and address it, care of the TARDIS (that’s Time & Relative Dimensions in Space to you and me, kids).

Finally, I seal the letter up and call it a day.

Of course, if I’d been really crafty, I would’ve figured out a way to include this fold-out TARDIS in my letter. Ah well, next time.

Stay tuned for news about our WSPS party at San Francisco’s the Curiosity Shoppe in May!

Jason Sacher
Associate Editor

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