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From the Design Desk: Animal Patterns


While nerding out over polka-dots versus stripes, designer Allison Weiner mentioned that she’s also a fan of animals prints. “Like tigers, leopards and zebras?” I asked a bit puzzled since Allison doesn’t gravitate toward retro fashion, safari or a “bad girl” look. But she quickly explained that she meant prints or patterns made up of animal illustrations.

She showed me some adorable textile designs she’s spotted on Etsy like these two above: Fat White Rabbits Blue Shibori Star by KW Fabrics and Hideaway Glade Deers.

Indeed, what’s not to love about prints composed of tiny rabbits, deer or as in with the examples above, cats?! The dress on the left, designed by Zara, we found in the blog Karolina’s Property. The dress on the right, is by their European rival Mango.

We love the two dresses above by Mod Cloth. On the left it’s Trotting Through Tulsa (horses) and on the left Dive Right In (swallows).

It’s worth pointing out that animal prints are adaptable to the times, like the Anna Sui deer print dress on the left and the vintage 1950’s Kitty-Cat Atomic dress on the right.

Next time I see a pattern made up of animals I’ll think of Allison’s take on “animal print.” And just as with polka-dots and stripes, tiny animals prints can be the cat’s pajamas.

-Suzanne LaGasa and Allison Weiner

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