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Art + Design: In the Wilds with Nigel Peake

Being Irish, I’ve had a long held desire to visit the land of my ancestry. The Isle of Dingle to be exact—a spit of land in southwest Ireland. From family and friends, I’ve heard of the rolling hills, picturesque farms and fields, bikeable lanes and lush, rural landscape.

One of my favorite artists, Nigel Peake, lives and works in the Irish countryside. With his obsessively detailed pencil and ink drawings and beautifully muted watercolors, he captures the slow-moving rhythm of his surroundings.


Kelly Lynn Jones interviewed Peake on Little Paper Planes, and when asked to describe where he lives, he said:

At the moment I live in the middle of nowhere in Ireland and lead an incredibly simple life of working all day and then sleeping.

I cannot drive so when I go out it really is a case of how far my feet or bike will take me.

I have a real joy for cycling and I walk along the same road every night.

It’s a simple road but it has its beauty—isolated fields, derelict houses, marshes, tall forests and the telegraph wires salute the tarmac road.

It’s the kind of place where you can see eagles circling, the golden chests of migrated swallows swooping, and the dark hooded crows gathering.

In the country you see the seasons change, from the first bud on a tree to the first dew on the grass to the first night when you realise that the summer evenings have gone to the first frost on the starless night.


In the Wilds, Peake’s new book with Princeton Architectural Press, is a charming collection of Peake’s hand drawn observations of this rural life.

Peake will be in San Francisco next week, so if you are in the Bay Area I hope you can join us at Needles & Pens on Friday, May 13th. If not, you can learn more about Peake and his work through his blog.

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