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We’re psyched to have Brittain Sullivan, one half of the bike-obsessed duo behind I Love My Bike, guest posting on the blog today on how the book came to be. If you love your bike and are in the Boston area, swing by the Brookline Booksmith this Thursday, June 23rd for a book signing. Meet the authors and bring a photo of your own bike for the chance to win a $20 gift card.

I met Matt Finkle one summer night on a bike ride with friends around the city of Boston, and since that night we have hardly spent a day apart from one another… or our bicycles.

Together we rode everywhere; Matt and I would wake up early to ride to meet friends for coffee at different cafes every morning, commute to our jobs in the city, and late at night we would speed down the bike paths shooting off roman candles into the sky and grinning ear to ear. Sometimes we would get on our bikes and ride around with no destination in mind, only to discover places we did not know existed in the city we thought we knew so well. The fresh air filled our lungs, our effort in the saddle yielded such marvelous health benefits, and we found that we could avoid the frustrations of driving or public transportation all together, but of all of reasons that we fetishize our self-propelled steel machines, it is the great friendships that we have made throughout cycling communities all over the country that we hold most dear.

Video by David Albright.

Summer in New England always seems to pass by so quickly, and we did not want our adventures to come to end, so Matt and I set out with our bicycles and a camera to explore the country and meet and photograph folks who shared our passion for all things cycling. In every city and town that I visited with Matt, we found that it did not matter how old someone was, or where they were from, or whether they were daily commuters, weekend warriors, or professional cyclists; everyone that we met shared the simple, youthful joy of riding their bike. This was the exact sentiment that we hoped to capture in our portraits for I Love My Bike.

Our good friend and fellow bike-obsessed designer, Chris Piascik, and the wonderful team at Chronicle Books (who are also bike-obsessed) helped Matt and I capture the spirit of cycling culture and all of the kindred spirits that we met on our journey.

Matt and I will never tire of pedaling the roads across the country, taking in the experience and beautiful landscape, and it is all the better to share it with cyclists that we hope to meet along the way. We sincerely hope that flipping through the pages of I Love My Bike will make you want to go out and ride your bike!

Brittain Sullivan is a creative writer and bicycle collector. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

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