From the Design Desk: Wear What You Love

This week, I received at least three email forwards about the temporary tattoo site Tattly. Their design-inspired tattoos are hilarious both for designers and non-designers alike.

I love Jessica Hiche’s Type Nerd tattoo and Julia Rothman’s You’re Late watch.

A while back, we wrote about all kinds of wearable typography—basically type as fashion. We also wrote about animal patterns (made up of animal illustrations), polka dots versus stripes and textiles. Getting deeper into fashion we wrote about men’s fashion, bicycle style, Mad Men Style, and my personal favorite, Nerd Style.

Fashion, style, patterns and illustrated tattoos are all part of the visual acumen that I associate with play and expression. We decorate our desks with things we love, and read blogs about things we love, so why not wear them too? If you like books, it’s impossible not to love these Kate Spade clutches below.

We often report on visual trends at Design Desk, but more importantly, these posts are a fun way for us to share the things that we love and inspire us. I’m about to move across the country so I won’t be writing these posts any more, but reading them instead… and finding other ways to embed books and typography in fashion, home decor and daily life.

Stay awesome!

Suzanne LaGasa



  • Erin Harwood July 25, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    Yes! I've seen so much about Tattly recently and now I'm thinking I can finally commit to getting a tattoo. I wonder if they custom design… someone should suggest it to them.


  • Erika Viktor February 10, 2015 at 1:24 pm


    Ha ha! Loved the “I love NY more than Milton Glaser”! I am in the graphic design program at UVU and Glaser’s stuff is copied everywhere. He’s great, but I love the inside joke.

    I heard about Tattly awhile ago and loved the “What to focus on” tat.


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