A Day With Boo

Though I have shaken hands with heads of state, experienced accidental run-ins with famed musicians, and glimpsed A-list actors on the street, no celebrity encounter has been as engaging and gratifying as working with the world’s cutest canine: Boo the Dog.

On June 24th I joined forces with some of my Chronicle Books cohorts to capture on video ‘A Day in the Life’ of Boo. Boo would arrive at our SF offices, meet his editor (the lovely Jennifer Kong), and make important decisions regarding the publication of his upcoming book, Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog.

Boo and his entourage arrived at our office at 9 am. Dressed for success in his favorite striped shirt, he was sporting a can-do attitude that most of us need coffee to achieve.

Boo tours the set and meets our friend Amanda!

After some initial setup, the entire team was surprised by how easily Boo took to acting. We were not, however, surprised that making Boo look fabulous is the easiest job in the world. We quickly filmed the opening scenes in our lobby store and moved into the offices.

For the rest of the morning we followed Boo around the building, riding the elevator up and down, and watching the expressions of our coworkers change from average to “OMG!”. As difficult as it was for some to refrain from squeezing tiny Boo, we assured them that they would have their chance to get up-close and personal with him that afternoon at the wrap party.

Buddy watches patiently from off-camera (left), Some of Boo’s biggest fans try to catch a glimpse of the actor on set (right)

At times Boo needed a little rest from the demands of acting, so we employed a white unicorn (who we dubbed ‘Boo-nicorn’) to stand in his place while we framed a shot or practiced our lines.

Boo-nicorn helps Jennifer get the shot right!

At noon we invited all of Chronicle Books to our fourth floor to celebrate Boo and enjoy photos and refreshments. Boo took all the attention in stride, proving that he is not only the cutest dog in the world, but also the most down-to-earth celebrity.

Without further ado, here is the video!

All the best from the Boo video team:

Laura, Albee, Jennifer, April, Boo, Buddy, and Boo’s Human

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