Have Your Champagne and Drink It, Too

“Well, who isn’t poor?” That’s the question that opens Bubbly on Your Budget, a great read for when it’s time for some economizing while living the good life. The book was originally published in 1937, but I’m amazed at how relevant and practical Marjorie Hillis’s advice still is today. Think of it as an economic “have your cake and eat it too.”

So for all of us looking for some creative solutions to living it up without paying the price, here are some time tested tips.

“Work out a housekeeping system to suit your own circumstances, but be sure you have a system. Without it, you’ll find yourself spending all sorts of odd and unnecessary hours going domestic.”
Creating a game plan for grocery shopping, cooking, and other household chores will save you both time and money. Setting aside time each week to clean will avoid an entire domestic overhaul down the line.

“Brushing and cleaning and pressing and putting all your clothes away properly may be drab activities, but they pay and pay and pay.”
After all, if you’ve purchased a few quality garments (instead of heaps of on-trend wares), caring for them properly is much more economical in the long run. Set aside a monthly budget for having clothing professionally cleaned instead of attempting it yourself and you’ll always look crisp and put together.

“Stinginess does not always save money. The lady who keeps up her linen closet and glass cupboard is a much better economist than the one who is so thrifty she can’t bear to buy anything till she is forced to by not having enough to go around.”
Enough said. I’ll be buying those extra dishes before my next dinner party.

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