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Children’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

My 12-year-old son Max is all about building, engineering and robots, so his list will be heavy on the metal.

Robotic Arm Kit

I can’t wait to see the things he’ll make this guy do!

He’s also jonesing for a set of BuckyBalls.

I love these kinds of open-ended building sets.

And he’ll love to make his own electronic creatures to leave around the house and surprise his mother. Our Blinkybugs kit has everything you need to create three creepy, crawly, blinky bugs.


–Lara Starr, Publicist

For my younger cousin, decks of cards are classic, but these jumbo ones are a little extra ridiculous and fun to play and teach new games with.

Super Jumbo Playing Cards

Games in general are great gifts for kids so you have something new to play with together (and new things for them to learn!) when visiting. I think Quallop from our list is the perfect, simple and accessible game to play with young ones in the family or elsewhere.


–Eloise Leigh, Designer

I have two kids to shop for this season. One is my friends’ three-year-old son, Daniel, who is obsessed with trains (that might have to do with the fact that his father, who works for the Orange County Transportation Authority, is also obsessed with trains). I have two perfect gifts for him—one is our World Almanac Trains, Trucks and More deck.

The World Almanac for Kids Puzzler Decks: Trucks, Trains & More

To go along with this I’ll be adding to his Brio collection. Remember the old days of non-electronic wooden toys? Despite the fact that Brio is nearly impossible to find in the U.S. anymore, you can find it online. I’ll be purchasing this awesome double-suspension bridge, which, fittingly, looks just like the Golden Gate Bridge.

Brio Double Suspension Bridge

The other kid in my life is my friends’ baby, Kesten, who is just 8 months old. I’m determined to start him off right, the literary way, with a mound of books. In My Den is one of our beautiful finger puppet books from Sara Gillingham and Lorena Siminovich. They have the cutest stitched felt animals (a bear, in this case) and a really sweet story about family (“ . . . then I curl up in my bed with my family.”). Hibernating and winter—perfect for this time of year.

In My Den

And since this little baby is living in New York, I’m getting him something to bundle up in for his first winter. This baby puffer jacket is from Gymboree and is lined with fleece.

Gymboree Hooded Puffer Jacket

And how cute is that going to look with this adorable reindeer sweater, hat, booties, and flannel-lined jeans? So cute.

Gymboree Sweater, Hat, Socks and Jeans

–Molly Jones, Associate Managing Editor

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Lara Starr

Lara Starr is Chronicle’s Senior Publicist for Children’s books, and the author of Wookiee Pies, Clone Scones and other Galactic Goodies, Ice Sabers, The Very Hungry Caterpillar™ Cookbook and Cookie Cutters Kit, and Chef Olivia™. Tell her you like her sweater and she’ll tell you exactly what she paid for it.
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