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Color of the Week, Holiday Edition: Pantone 10120 (Gold!)

Hands down there’s no question that the color of the holidays this year is GOLD. Pantone 10120 is a beautiful clear gold shade—not too greeny, not too pinky—that perfectly encapsulates everything we’re obsessed with this holiday season:

The gold matches (did you get that? Gold. Matches.) from The City Club of San Francisco where our company holiday party was held this year.

This was the most coveted and fought-over gift at our annual editorial white elephant party (easy to see why).

The book I bought myself for Christmas.

The bag my boss is hoping Santa will bring her.

How utterly amazing it this? The Impossible Project just released instant film for Polaroid cameras that comes out with a gold border instead of the traditional white. Photo by the talented Bonnie Tsang (visit Tsang’s site and check out the feature on Bri Emery’s loft to see many more wonderful gold things).

Gold also turns out to be the color du jour for, of all things, sweaters. Above the fabulous girls of DwellStudio.

My own personal hop onto the gold sweater bandwagon is from J.Crew (sorry, cute baby not included).

And I got this sweet little girl’s version from the Gap for a small friend.

Finally, of course, it’s the absolute perfect shade for all your festive holiday décor needs.

Thanks, gold, for making the holidays so lustrous this year.
Thanks, Pantone, for, as always, helping us pinpoint our color fixations with precision.
And a very merry everything to all of you! Thank you SO much for reading The Chronicle Books Blog this year. You guys rock. See you in 2012!

Bridget Watson Payne

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