Stencil Bombing the Chronicle Books Offices

I love it when a book gives you the power to make someone’s day. See the Beauty Here, a brand new book of sixteen reusable and completely uplifting stencils, does just that. When I received my copy a few weeks ago, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try to surprise some of my favorite people – the Chronicle Books staff. I decided to stencil “Today is your day” inside the kitchen cabinet where the coffee cups are stored. Inspiration plus a caffeine fix… hopefully it helped the Chronicle coffee drinkers take the day by storm.

When used with paint, chalk, or markers, the sturdy card stock stencils can be wiped clean and reused multiple times. So I challenged my colleagues to use the stencils to spread some cheer around the office. You can imagine they brought lots of smiles to the faces of their coworkers! Here’s what they came up with.

Kate Woodrow
Editor (Kate was the editor of See the Beauty Here)

We all need a little levity in our lives. Especially when faced with facts and figures on a white board. To my diligent colleagues in sales, always crunching numbers and long hours in Conference Room A, I wish you much beauty when a meeting gives you boredom.

Lorena Jones
Publishing Director

Lorena used her stencil to thank John Carlson, Executive Director of Operations, “for killing it on reprints!”

Allison Weiner

I stenciled “be who you want to be” in watercolor, and added a line—”not what others want to see” —and posted it on the bathroom mirror at work. We all could use that reminder once in a while!

Sarah Wharton
Marketing Assistant

As a company with a real sweet tooth, I knew my coworkers would appreciate finding these brownies in the kitchen. Who couldn’t use another reason to smile on a Friday?

Lisa Tauber
Editorial Assistant

The “follow your bliss” stencil was one that I had suggested when we were brainstorming stencils, so naturally I wanted to see it in action. And I chose glitter because, well, who doesn’t like something sparkly? I first thought to put it above a photocopy machine in our supply room, but as I walked by the brick wall with a printer underneath a clock, that seemed like the perfect place to add a friendly and inspiring message.


Ali Presley
Online Marketing Manager

I thought it’d be nice to give a boost to the whole company, so I hung this glittery sign on the main elevator doors. When the doors opened, it pulled apart and then went back together. It was so cute!

Alyson Pullman
Publicist, Stationery

I chose to stencil “You Are Perfect” in the Chronicle Books bathroom to surprise my unsuspecting co-workers. Everyone should be reminded they are perfect in their own way and appreciated by the people that they see day in and day out.

Albee Dalbotten
Associate Marketing Director

I stenciled a note to everyone at Chronicle Books that commutes by bike! My sign reads “Take the Scenic Route” and is hanging in the corridor where people keep their bikes during the day.


Laura Lee Mattingly

Here is my stencil bomb! I taped it to the wall in a drab little phone room to brighten people’s days as they leave their conference calls.

Holden Hardcastle
Digital Production Coordinator

The connection I have with my stuffed Boo is wonderful. He surprised me with the stencil bomb letting me know he felt the same way.

Happening upon an unexpected affirmation like this can instantly improve your mood and linger in your mind. How would you use these stencils to inspire?

Lorraine Woodcheke
Marketing & Publicity Manager

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