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Last week, I came across this interesting Wall Street Journal piece that showcases the style of a few of our publishing community colleagues at New York-based publisher Simon & Schuster. Don’t get me wrong – this group’s got style – but it got me thinking about workplace fashion, and how much it can vary, especially from coast to coast.

I’ve often marveled at how incredibly stylish (and unique) the Chronicle Books team is. With over 150 employees in our San Francisco headquarters, my creative coworkers experiment with fashion, each creating a signature style of their own. Whether we’re embracing this season’s trends or setting them for next season, what we’re wearing here at Chronicle Books is truly as distinctive as the books we publish.


From left to right:

Tyrrell Mahoney
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Wearing: H&M dress.
“I love getting dressed up. Any excuse.”

Guinevere de la Mare
Community Manager
Wearing: shirt = Orla Kiely for Uniqlo, skirt = Anthropologie, shoes = Chinese Laundry (Yep, I’m cheap)
Giving us “Technicolor florist”

Michael Morris
Associate Design Manager, Entertainment Publishing
“Imagine you awoke in the night and discovered a psychotic clown was breaking in through your window. After a struggle, he falls on the humorously oversized knife that he was going to dismember you with. You drag his lifeless body into the woods, and in the process discover a garbage bag filled with old clothes, left in the woods by a mysterious gypsy. All of that is the look I was going for.”


Kelsey P. Jones
Junior Designer, Marketing
Wearing: blouse = Anthropologie, shoes = Vera Wang Lavender, skirt = H&M, tights = Free People
Loves getting dressed for: First days!

Kim Lauber
Senior Manager, Children’s Marketing & Publicity
Wearing: cardigan & tights = J. Crew, boots = Frye, watch = Cartier, earrings = Kate Spade, dress = Francesca’s Collections, belt = Anthropologie
“I’m a New Yorker living in San Francisco, so while my first instinct is always heels and ‘anything black,’ I’ve really learned to embrace color. San Francisco is just as chic as New York, with an added dash of calculated whimsy that truly sets its style apart. I love the challenge of pulling together unexpected pieces for a night out.”

Stephanie Wong
Marketing Manager, Children’s
Wearing: cardigan = Madewell, skirt = Trina Turk, circle scarf = handmade (by me!)
“Head of the color blocking club!”


Andrew LeValley
Operations Assistant
Wearing: Gap, Urban Outfitters, West Marine (boots), Warby Parker (glasses)
Rocking “Marina Chic” or “Houseboat Realness”

Alyson Pullman
Publicity Coordinator
Wearing: Banana Republic / H&M
Loves getting dressed for: Our holiday party at Chronicle Books (duh!).

Emily Haynes
Senior Editor, Entertainment
Wearing: boots = Gunmetal, dress = Jeremy’s
Sporting “Between-seasons editor” – spring frock with winter boots and lots of layers.

Peter Perez
Associate Marketing Director
Wearing: Liberty of London Arts+Crafts-inspired tie, Prada shirt (from outlet in Italy — I never pay retail), + for denim, ALWAYS Levi’s.
Representing “Post-Millennial Victorian Post-Punk”


Laura Bagnato
Designer, Marketing
Wearing: Fred Perry enamel badges, J. Crew dress, Plenty shoes (from Jeremy’s via Anthro), H&M shirt (that used to be a dress).
Embodying “The Jam’s Sounds from the Street meets Rodgers & Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music

Ben Kasman
Production Lead, Business Development
Wearing: jacket = A.P.C, shirt, shoes = Fred Perry, tie = Charvet, sweater, pants, socks = Uniqlo
Loves getting dressed for: Steaks and martinis (consumed regularly)
Aspiring “Millionaire hobo”

Bridget Watson Payne
Editor, Art
Wearing: boots = Frye, tights = American Apparel, skirt = Plenty, sweater = Moth, necklace = Toast, belt, t-shirt = Banana Republic
Channeling “Colorful Schoolmarm”


Ryan Kelly
Sales Manager, Special Markets
Wearing: jacket = Apolis Global Citizen, boots = Timberland, watch = Nixon, shirt = Urban Outfitters, eyes = Smoldering Eyes, body = Awkward Posing
Loves getting dressed for: Prom… I better get invited this year.

Sarah Billingsley
Associate Editor
Wearing: tights = Anthropologie, shoes = Coclico, skirt = Helmut Lang, top = Azalea’s (no brand. Store brand?), earrings bought on the street in the Marais district in Paris, bags under eyes courtesy of my 16-month-old daughter’s early wake-up
Demonstrating “Mad Men meets Mission District”

Lorraine Woodcheke
Marketing & Publicity Manager, Lifestyle (and the author of this post)
Wearing: My favorite outfit – dress = Collective Concepts, leggings = Nordstrom, necklace = gift, ring = Jeremy’s
I call this look “desperately trying to keep up with my stylish co-workers.”

Click on images for larger versions. Thank you to the stylish citizens of Chronicle Books for showcasing their work wear. BIG thanks to the lovely and talented Laura Bagnato, art director and photographer for this piece.

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