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Chronicle Designers Bike to Work

A benefit of living in the San Francisco Bay Area is how easy it is not to have a car. The city is filled with commute options. The Marketing Design team here at Chronicle all bike to work, but we all get here in very different ways and routes.

Tina Hardison – Marketing Designer

Tina lives in San Francisco in the Inner Sunset, and rides her 1985 Peugeot 6 miles to work. Her route includes zipping down a hill from her apartment through Golden Gate Park, the Panhandle, the Lower Haight down The Wiggle, through the Mission, to SOMA—home of Chronicle Books. “My bike commute is the most inspirational point of my day. If I get in a funk, as soon as I start cruising through San Francisco on my bike I feel like a million bucks. The highlight of my commute is riding through the Eucalyptus trees in Golden Gate Park and down the hill from the top of Dolores & 14th. Biking to work puts me in a good mental and physical state to get cracking on the fun stuff at Chronicle.”

Liz Rico – Marketing Design Manager

Liz commutes from Albany in the East Bay to San Francisco, so she decided to buy a folding bike so she could take it on the commuter train (BART) and save the time she used to spend walking to and from the station. Liz says, “It’s so much fun to get on my bike every morning… it makes me feel like a carefree little kid. My teenage kids tell me that I LOOK like a dorky kid riding it, too (it has really small wheels and a high seat and handle bars), but I remind them that people are always telling me how COOL it is!” Watching Liz fold and unfold the bike swiftly is, in fact, super cool.

Kelsey Premo Jones – Marketing Designer

Kelsey lives in Oakland, and rides her bike from her apartment to catch the Transbay bus that goes from downtown Oakland, across the Bay Bridge, and into the city’s Transbay Terminal. From there the ride is .8 miles to the office. Kelsey rides a (very) colorful little fixed gear bicycle. It’s perfect for the short commute every day because it’s super lightweight and easy to throw on a bus and carry up/down the stairs to her apartment. “My favorite part of the commute every morning is crossing over the Bay Bridge. I especially love looking out into the bay and watching all the fishermen, sail boats, and huge cargo ships. That plus the view of the city skyline and Golden Gate Bridge are the best way to start my morning.”

Laura Bagnato – Senior Marketing Designer

Laura commutes from her apartment in Oakland on her mid-80’s Peugeot City Express commuter bike. To get to Chronicle, she bikes to Oakland’s 19th Street BART, take BART to Embarcadero, and then bikes down the Embarcadero to 680 Second Street. To get home, she bikes up the Embarcadero to the Ferry Building, where she boards a 25-minute ferry to Oakland’s Jack London Square. Laura likes to bike “to combat the fact that I sit in one position for 8 hours a day—I’m becoming chair-shaped. It just so happens that biking is also incredibly fun and liberating, and now I get to work feeling pumped and ready to actualize. I also ride a boat home from work every day, watching the city skyline recede into the distance.” Not having to park, buy gas, or pay car payments are also plusses.

The Marketing Designers aren’t the only employees at Chronicle who bike to work. The Chronicle Books “Bike Parking” area is filled with beautiful bikes every day.

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