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Re-imagining a Timeless Pastime with Little Paper Planes

Little Paper Planes

What comes to mind when you think of paper airplanes? I used to make them every summer during vacation with my father. I was always satisfied with my classic glider until his upside-down stealth wing whizzed past my failed attempt at origami. Let’s just say I have yet to win our annual airplane flying competition.

I might have a shot now with Little Paper Planes taking the paper airplane to new heights by reinventing this childhood classic, for people of all ages. The book collects constructible airplanes and airplane-inspired crafts from twenty of today’s hottest artists, including Julia Rothman, Alyson Fox, and Lisa Congdon. Packed with color and creativity, you simply pull out the perforated page and follow the instructions to create your flying masterpiece!

Follow the artist blog tour over the next two weeks to get behind-the-scenes details from each artist + author Kelly Lynn Jones, who founded the beloved online artist community Little Paper Planes. Bloggers will also be giving away copies of the book!

Blog Tour Schedule
Monday, June 4th – Little Paper Planes
Tuesday, June 5th – Jen Renninger
Wednesday, June 6th – Michael Hsiung / Kate Bingaman
Thursday, June 7th – Josh Cochran
Friday, June 8th – Brendan Monroe / Gemma Correll
Monday, June 11th – Elisabeth Dunker
Tuesday, June 12th – Christopher David Ryan
Wednesday, June 13th – Ashkahn Shahparnia
Thursday, June 14th – Renee Garner / Hernan Paganini
Friday, June 15th – Lisa Congdon

Let your imagination take flight!


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