Foreign Editions of Books

When I travel, one of the aspects I enjoy most is the international and cultural reinterpretation of everyday stuff. Like this Japanese TV ad for Dole bananas, which… well who knows what’s going on. Please enjoy.

It’s a little like traveling when we get foreign editions of our books delivered to the office. The various titles of the Worst-Case Scenario series have been published all over the world, so we have quite a stack of them.

Sometimes the international covers are versions of ours, and sometimes they are interpretations of what the local publisher thinks will resonate better for their readers. Here’s our cover: straightforward, functional, a little alarmed in caution yellow.

And the German edition, the survival manual you’ve bound by skinning a python.

And the Chinese edition: Serene, can-do, almost wistful.

On the Chinese title page: calmly talking it through with the dog.

From the Spanish edition of Jeffrey Brown’s Cats Are Weird (Los Gatos Son Raros), I learned that when cats purr in Spain, they sound different than they do here in the U.S.

And this is going to sound wrong, but I’ve also enjoyed seeing Death make friends all around the world as the foreign editions of Avery Monsen and Jory John’s All My Friends Are Dead have been coming in.

Best of all though is co-author Avery’s reaction to receiving the Catalan translation.

Steve Mockus
Senior Editor

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Steve Mockus

Steve Mockus is a senior editor in the entertainment group at Chronicle Books.
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