Food On A Stick: The Quintessential Summer Treat

We’re so excited to have Kate Pocrass guest posting on the blog today! Kate is the author and illustrator of Side Walks, a journal for discovering the hidden details of one’s own city and I Was Here, a travel journal packed with journeys that can be undertaken in any city. Read on for her round up of summery, on-a-stick snacks and tell us, what is your favorite food on a stick?

When it’s a hot afternoon and you are wandering aimlessly, what could be more quintessential than strolling down the street with food on a stick? Food on a stick transforms everyday culinary options into a bit of a party. Sticks manage to make corn amusing, strawberries become even more mouthwatering, and mango is irresistible when skewered and topped off with a little lime and sprinkle of chili powder.

Whether in Mexico quenching your thirst with a paleta, or on the Jersey boardwalk chomping on a candy apple, the stick lets people know that you are having an above average day.

And let’s not forget about convenience. You hardly have to break your stride to pick up a fish ball, lamb kebab or caramelized sweet potato on the go.

Just remember that the stick does not always insure deliciousness. While corn dogs are considered the holy grail of food on a stick, in contrast, not many have the stomach for Taiwanese stinky tofu.

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